Ballerina Bun Updos For Long Hair – Hairstyle Tutorial


As like the other hairstyles, bun hairstyle is pretty cute to carry and looks elegant when you have the most amazing Ballerina Bun on your head. Whether it’s family function, casual party, official one or anything else you can carry the pretty cute ballerina bun. Steps for the bun are very simple and easy that you master the style and personally saying this tutorial is beginner friendly too so, beginner can also practice it. All you need to do is grab your all tools and start following the steps from the beginning to end and get the style at your own home.

Step1: Start with the clean and dry hairs or you can prefer a day old hairs because the style will suit very good on the hairs.

Step2: now section two pieces of your hairs from the front of your head and tug the rest of your hairs into a high ponytail and secure the ponytail with the elastic band.

Step3: Pull a ½ inch piece of hair from the front slide and split into two sections, the same way pull ¼ sections of hairs from the ponytail and start braiding with the other two pieces of the hairs.

Step4: Continue braiding with the hairs that you are capable to use almost all the ponytail hairs. And the hairs braiding will go round the way to your head.

Step5: Once your braiding is done then wrap the around the crown area into a bun and you are ready with your hairstyle by securing the bun with the bobby pins.

Step6: For the final step secure the bun with the good quality hair spray .



Source – torontomesh .com