Beauty Benefits Of Eating Apples For Skin Care, Hair Care

From years apple has gained wider importance among people for its benefits. Along with health, apple today has also considered apple as an element of beauty benefit. You can now get beautiful and glowing skin after consuming apple in raw form. Since apple is such a wonderful fruit that contains skin friendly nutrients such as copper and vitamin C, you can now consume a single apple a day to get skin like youths. Essential nutrients inside your body will be retained easily with the consumption of apple.  The essential minerals such as potassium that is required for your skin is also available in apple. Your facial appearance will also change and become much more charming after consuming apple.

Beauty Benefits of Apples

The leaves are altering hue, the sweaters are approaching out of wardrobes, the air is getting crisper… yes and so are the apple fruit! One of the best things about fall is crunchy apples, fresh apples plucked form the tree… and the homemade pies they make… and apple cider… apple sauce Hmmm ymmmmyyyyyy……. Apples aren’t just delicious, they can also have awesome benefits associated with it.  Mentioned below are few benefits of this amazing fruit:


Antioxidants are a necessity for your body. They avert cell and tissue damage as well as protect against health ailments like cancerous disease, heart infection and high cholesterol. Apples are a major source of antioxidants! Just make certain you don’t peel off the skin – that’s where these fighting substances reside.

BLT Skin

Researchers have even tapered this one down to the types of apple fruit that will most effectively brighten, soothe and lighten (hence, BLT) the skin. These red delicious apple fruit have the largest content of collagen and elastic, the stuff that makes your skin remain youthful and flawless. Load up on the GS and RD apple fruit, ‘cause they’re gonna help you keep your rosy, youthful glow forever.