Best Daily Super Foods For Growing Healthy & Stronger Nails

Healthcare is about providing necessary nourishment from both inside out. The right foods for the healthy nails are those which contain nutrients that promote the growth, strength and longevity of the nails. Through foods, these nutrients are enabled to get stored in the body quickly and unleash their positive effects. Did you know that nails are actually dead tissue? The benefits you get from consuming food reaches the nails in the end.




Broccoli is one of those rare vegetables that is equally rich in both taste and taste both, so to is a fine dietary source of two very crucial trace elements for the nails i.e. potassium and sulphur (sulforaphane).in addition to this, it is fortified with vitamin c which acts as an antioxidant and banishes harmful germs, fungus to prevent the nail from infection. The alpha lipolic acid present in it cures the slow growth and damage of nails due to ageing by hardening the structure of the can be eaten lightly steamed or cooked, anyway you prefer.





The importance of biotin in the build up and growth of nails is is solely because it promotes the production of keratin protein which is also known to be the building block of the nails. Beans are rich in biotin-that’s what makes it a perfect food supplement for weak, chipped, yellowish, brittle nails. All these issues are the consequences of biotin deficiency in the body. Kidney beans, green beans, white beans can be eaten baked or cooked. You can incorporate beans into multiple dishes too.


Milk is unarguably the greatest edible source of calcium in the world. Calcification of the bones and certain tissues is a vital body function. Lack of sufficient supply of calcium will disrupt the the obvious outcome, the nails will turn thin, dry and prone to breakage. It’s not always the shortage of calcium due to poor diet, it’s also about the incapability to absorb the concerned nutrient that causes weak nails. Vitamin D is one such nutrient that helps in fixing the calcium in the body.So, you must eat vitamin D rich foods like eggs,vegetables,meat for wholesome nourishment.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a highly sought after food item when it comes to nail care. The presence of a high level of zinc is the main reason behind it.Zinc plays an important role for your nails in many ways. This mineral is capable of making proteins by picking up the amino acids from the foods you eat. Protein synthesis is thus incomplete without zinc. The white spots which often appear on the nails reflect the sign of zinc deficiency. Try to eat shelled pumpkin seeds every day before the bedtime.


Shiny, long and flawless nails give your entire appearance the much required finesse. Remaining on a diet that is low in nutritional value or suffering from any chronic disease can negatively impact the overall health of your nails. To ensure the optimum health for your nails, you need a powerful dose of vitamin A.carrot is a fine option among vitamin A rich foods. Carrot is a palatable and prolific can be cooked in many different ways although you can eat it steamed as well.


Inside tomatoes, you will find the amalgamation of multiple nutrients which will be adored by your begin with, it contains considerable amounts of vitamin A and While the first one enhances the appearance of the nails, the later one safeguards it against pathogenic bacteria and fungus and quickens the growth of the nails is a contributor of biotin along with lycopene. Both of these elements increase the production of keratin for the thick and long nails. Note that excess heat can harm the vitamins. Try to avoid cooking the tomatoes and eat it raw by including in the salads.


Protein is the physical unit of the nails, infact the entire body and egg is called the most perfect protein-based food for having the perfect balance of protein in them. Eggs are easy to digest, that is why it is recommended to the people of every age. Both the yolk and the white portion are high in protein. Poached eggs are great for the health as the process of poaching increases the digestibility of the albumin (egg white).eating a boiled egg for breakfast regularly is a great way to kick start the day. The overall fitness of your body will leave its impact on your nails too.



Bananas contain an amazingly mighty line-up of minerals for the maximum benefit of your nails. The silica content in this fruit in a necessary mineral to prevent the bones, teeth and tissues like hair, nails from de-calcification by increasing the body’s ability to store the calcium. That is how banana elevates nail density relieving you from easy also has zinc that is required for protein synthesis. Eating bananas will make sure your body receives sufficient dose of potassium for it is also a quite essential mineral to combat the nail diseases. You can eat this fruit raw or make a delicious bowl of fruit salads by including other fruits with it and a pinch of spice for taste.

Sweet potatoes

To improve the condition of your nail health from the inside, a generous dose of vitamin A is of utter importance. This vitamin helps in the growth of the cells and keeps the cuticles soft and healthy. Without the adequate amount of vitamin A, the nails gradually turn brittle, weak and susceptible to fungus infection. Your body generally converts beta-carotene to vitamin A in the body. Sweet are loaded with this has a germ fighting power of antioxidants. Eating these potatoes in good amount will give your nails the perfect natural hue and strength. Roasted and baked sweet potatoes are absolute delicacies.


You need water to maintain the normal function of your entire body. The first thing to get affected from lack of enough water is the blood circulation. Decreased blood circulation will stunt the growth of your nails at first. Slowly the nails will start turning pale and thin. The immunity system will break down and several adverse conditions for your nails will start appearing one after another. Dehydration is another crucial function of water. The nails get dry and split when it lacks water. Drink 6-8 glasses of water every day for healthy nails.



Best Daily Super Foods For Growing Healthy & Stronger Nails