Body Rash – Home Remedies

Skin covers the larger part of the body and it is considered an organ. You may find some rashes at different places of the skin. There are rashes seen on the complete body and sometimes you may find rashes at specific places. These can be allergic or may be seen due to some infection. Body Rashes can be contagious but mostly they are itchy and reddish. You may feel burning sensation too but these rashes are hardly painful.


You can find some home remedies for these rashes easily so that they are reduced without any other treatment.

Chamomile Tea

Wash the areas with this tea and you may find it soothing. Add 2 -3 teaspoon of chamomile flower into a cup of boiling water and strain it. Cool this mixture and wash the area.

Montmorillonite clay

This clay takes off the itching sensation. You can use this for stings or bites too. This draws the poison out and gives relieve. Get this clay that is green in color and mix it with water. Dab the area of rashes or itching with this clay. You can also make a pack by spreading the paste of clay on to a clean cloth. Then cover the rashes with this cloth and keep it for sometime. Cover it with some plastic tape or bandage to make sure the cloth stay in its place. You must keep it for 4 hours and then clean the area.

Aloe Vera

This is soothing and hence can give you a cooling effect. Break a leaf and then cut the end of the leaf. The gel will come out and then apply this gel on to the rashes. You can feel the soothing feeling and you will soon find the rashes are reducing in redness or in their sensation.


This reduces inflammation and is good for any infection. Spread it on to the rashes and cover it with a cloth. Keep it for 30 minutes and then wash off. You will notice better results sooner.

Olive oil for your skin

Oil is good for any skin as it is not greasy. Massage on the rashes and you will find the skin getting smoother and healthier within a few days.

Nettle leaves

You will find Urtica or blanch effective for rashes. You can make a paste with the leaves and then spread on the rashes with the help of a cotton ball. This is good for babies when they experience nappy rashes.

Mint and basil juice

Make a paste of the leaves of these two plants and then apply on the rashes. You will feel the cooling sensation and soon the rashes will diminish spreading.

Almond oil

This is good for the rashes as it soothes your skin. Apply on your skin regularly and you will find the rashes smoothing out.

Cold compress

Compressing is good for itchy or burning rashes. Rashes from insect bites or poison ivy will be soothed by this compress. This also works to relieve inflammation and swelling. Take some ice cubes and put them in a plastic bag. Put this on the rashes or on the place of insect bite. Repeat this for few times in a day and soon you will notice the reducing of swelling and itching.

Calcium water

Take a cotton cloth and soak in calcium water. This is also called comfrey. Then place the cloth on the area of skin where you have rashes or swelling. Soon you will feel the soothing effect. This also reduces the inflammation from insect bites.