Bold Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial

Black is one of your favorite colors for an important event. Especially when you have to choose a dressing gown, shoes, bags and the makeup. It’s a color that you can combine with everything. But when it comes to makeup, you are not always sure about the outcome. Use only the eyeliner and do not waste time trying all the other eye shadows. You use eyeliners in your everyday life and also when you hang out with your friends. We are here to show you how to use a bold eyeliner in a quick and simple way and then the combination it’s up to you.

You should follow these steps to have the great result as shown in the pictures. You should do the makeup attending the steps accurately.

  1. You can apply a light eye shadow in the entire eyelid
  2. Make a thin black line on the top lid with the bold eyeliner as shown in the first picture
  3. Make another line starting from your corner of your eyes and continue it on your eyelid until it reaches the inner corner of your eyes ( creating a space between lines ).
  4. On the third step , you have to fill in the empty space with the bold eyeliner
  5. Start lining the lower lash line as shown in picture 4
  6. You can apply a sparkle eye shadow with a small eye brush to give to your look a glittering effect
  7. Apply some mascara to conclude this look .

And it’s finished. An impressive makeup. Enjoy it!