DIY Makeup Remover Wipes at Home

Do you use makeup every day? Do you wipe it off before you go to bed? In fact, this is an important procedure to do. Because your skin should be clean and fresh so all the dermatologists recommend to wipe off the makeup at the end of the day.

Women spend money on cosmetics and clothes, you also need to buy makeup remover creams and lotions very often. But we are proposing you a way to save money and to prepare makeup remover wipes at home. You need a roll of paper towel, a plastic jar, warm water ( 4 cups ), a cutter, coconut oil ( 2 tablespoons ), face wash ( a few teaspoons ), a container.

Take the container with warm water in it and pour the coconut oil and the face wash in it. Stir them together completely until the oil is resolved.

Pour the mixture in the plastic jar.

Cut in half the paper towel and put the half of it in the plastic jar vertically.

Cut the lid of the jar with the cutter making the shape of an X. You will use this space to pull the paper towels later.

Before you close the jar, you need to remove the carton of the paper towels and then close the jar.

Now your natural makeup remover wipes are ready.






Source – findoutcurrent .info