Elegant Bun Wrap Tutorial

A very interesting and beautiful bun that has a very royal touch and look to it. The best thing is that it’s so simple to do and with a bit of accessories you can transform it into a stylish bun wrap that can be perfect for special ocassions. You will need a hair tie, doughnut tie (for the bun) and a few bobby pins. I also suggest to straighten the hair before you start. Split the hair into 2 sections and tie off the top.

Place the doughnut over the tie and fold the tail over it and tuck it in.

Split the bottom into 2 sections and twist the left over the right side of the bun and secure it with the pins. Repeat this progress on the other side. Now you are done and how fun was it.


1. Divide the hair into two sections from the top of the ears towards the back of the head.

2. Create a ponytail with the top portion of hair using an elastic band.

3. Take a donut bun and slide the ponytail through the center

4. Wrap the hair over the donut bun, then slide a clear elastic band over the top to create a bun.

5. With the hair that sticks out from the donut, divide it into two sections and twist them downwards creating two twists.

6. Wrap the twists around the bun in opposite directions.

7. Pin down the ends with hair pins to secure.

8. Divide the remaining hair that was left out of the bun into two sections.

9. Take the left section and wrap it upwards towards the right side, then around the top of the bun in a counter-clockwise motion.

10. Pin down the end to hold it in place.

11. Take the remaining right section and wrap it around the left side of the bun.

12. Secure the end in place.






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