Elegant Half-up Hairstyle Tutorial

very easy to do your self hairstyle for all major events, you only need a few simple things and will amazed on how simple this is to do. You will only need some bobby pins, hairspray and a fine tooth comb.

1. you’ll need hairspray, a tail comb, and an all purpose comb.
2. starting at the crown, make small horizontal panels and tease each one (make 3-4).
3. hairspray the teased parts.
4. make at least one teased panel on each side of crown.
5. gather crown area to the back of head.
6. using two bobby pins, secure this area. one bobby pin goes towards the left, the other towards the right (you can cross them over each other for more support).
7. pull hair from above the right ear towards the back.
8. to hide the first two bobby pins, secure the hair on the far left of the bobby pins.
9. do the same for the left side as you did for the right.
10. use tail comb to give more volume or to make the volume even.
11-12. the finished style.

Don’t forget to use the picture as a guide.






Source – tamingrapunzel .com