Frisky Puffed Party Ponytail

Puffed party ponytail is the most common and easy ponytail to be done in just 5 minutes you don’t need any special tools to get it done.  Simple and easA very ponytail hairstyle which looks really good. Perfect for any night out and for summer season.In summer season every girl wants that her hair don’t fall out. This will work with any type of hair but if you have straight hair, it will give you better result.This is best for those who have no time to make hairstyle. Just have a thin band, comb and you are ready to create this hairstyle.

Frisky (2)

Step 1:

Back brush your hairs.

Step 2:

Assemble the lower piece of your hairs make a pig tail and secure it with an elastic band. Verify you have left the crown hair as it seems to be.

Step 3:

Presently tuck the crown hairs into pig tail tenderly which you have made in step 2.

Step 4:



Presently assemble a few hairs from braid, round it over the base of the pig tail. Presently you’re finished. You can take assistance from above pictures.




Enjoy !!