Frozen Inspiration Hairstyle, Loose Braid

Let’s start with Elsa’s hairstyle, which is a loose braid that looks gorgeous.


    1. Section out your bangs, about 4 fingers wide, and clip it out of the way.
    2. Apply hair powder, to assist with teasing, and rub it into the hair. Watch my previous Brigitte Bardot hair tutorial to see how to tease your hair properly.
    3. Tease all of your crown, some sides, and back of your head ( down to the top of your ears).  Taking small sections will give you more volume.
    4. Use hairspray to set the teasing.
    5. Attach hairextensions (optional).
    6. Smooth out the top layer with a brush.  Do NOT remove all of your teasing, this is important!
    7. Gather your hair into a half-updo and tie it with an elastic band.
    8. Make an opening under your elastic band with your hand to create a pouch for your hair padding.  Normally, when you do this on other people’s hair, it’s easier to attach the pad fist before making the half-up.
    9. Insert the hair padding into the pouch.
    10. Push the half-up upwards while twisting it once to create more volume.  Then use a hair pin to secure it in place.
    11. Unclip your bangs and make a part.
    12. Take a section of hair from the front on each side, and cross them over.  In this Elsa hair tutorial, I cross the LEFT strand over RIGHT.
    13. Start a French Fishtail plait.  How to French fishtail braid;  simply alternate grabbing sections from left and right, and cross them over.  IE; when you take hair from the LEF side, you cross it to the RIGHT strand, and when you take hair from the RIGHT, you cross it over to the LEFT strand.   Make sure you don’t add in the hair above the ears until your braid is at middle of your ears to create that retro, Brigitte Bardot hairstyle effect.



  1. Finish the braid with a normal Fishtail Braid and tie it with an elastic band.
  2. Pull out the sides of the Fishtail braid to make them big and voluminous.
  3. Cut out the elastic band and remove the hair pin used earlier.  Move the half-up down to blend the braid  & half-up.
  4. Repin the half-up.  The hairstyle should look seamless, like one beautiful, braided hairstyle.