How to: Curl Hair With Drinking Straws

Curling your hair has never been easier or healthier. With this easy technique we will show you how to curl your hair with drinking straws! Yes, you read that right. What you will need: drinking straws ( a few), bobby pins, hairspray, shower cap and a brush. Directions: Start by brushing your hair to get rid of any knots, and then divide your hair into sections. Take the first section and wrap it around a straw tight and then tie the straw ends together or secure them with bobby pins. Once you are finished with all your hair, apply some hair spray and put the shower cap on your head. Leave it on for an hour or two (or if you want super curls leave it overnight) and then take off the straws and there you have it! Gorgeous curls that look totally natural!




Gorgeous curls that look totally natural!



Source – wikihow