1-2. make a low ponytail.
3. tie scarf at base of neck (have one end longer than the other).
4. decide whether you want to cover tops of ears or not.
5. one scarf end is longer than the other.
6. take out ponytail.
7. make new ponytail incorporating the scarf.
8. use tail comb to pull up hair if you want more volume (or to make sure it looks even).
9. twist hair and scarf together to form a bun.
10. form the bun with your hands.
11. using long bobby pins, secure bun.
12. use 4-5 bobby pins.

1: instead of a side bun, make the bun in the center back.
2: braid ponytail and scarf together and then form into a bun.


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source – tamingrapunzel .com