Simple Dots Tape Nail Art Tutorial

A very crafty nail tutorial that is very retro and bright as well. The green dots really do work well with the orange and the amazing thing is that the colours itself don’t steal the attention from each. This will take you no time to do but you will need a clear plastic square shape to get the angle of the orange right. If you like you can use a clear coat to give it that extra protection.

Follow this easy instructions below:
Place the plastic square on a 45 degree angle and apply the orange ail polish on the side. Let it dry completely before moving into the next step. Now place the plastic in the opposite direction and apply the dots; I suggest to work from the bottom going up until you run out of room(use a dotting tool or a toothstick for perfect rounded dots).
You can add a bit of glitter or clear top coat, whatever works best for you. Do they look amazing? Try it out and let us know how it goes! :)




source: thecraftyninja .com