Simple Egg White Face Mask for Glowing Skin

Did you know that egg whites are extremely effectual in tightening your skin and shrinking the pores? In fact, eggs, when used in face packs, can bring about significant reduction in the appearance of fine lines and restore elasticity to the skin. That is why, using eggs in face packs, especially targeted for skin tightening, can be rewarding! Of course, you have to put up with the smell of raw eggs and that can be a major turn off; but if you count the benefits you are going to reap, I am sure nobody can be happier than you!


Every girl wants glowing skin and amazingly this can be achieved with the mean of egg white mask. It is good to know that egg white have collagen and Vitamin A. It implies that you can treat burns, face marks, acne, large pores, etc. According to recent research, an egg contains almost 69 different proteins that can reduce your fine lines and also provide relief from dark facial lines. Women who want youthful appearance must make an egg white mask at home. No matter you need this mask for a youthful face or a radiant skin, you need to know its recipe that I’m going to share below.

Preparation and Directions

  Separate egg whites from yolk. Now you need to beat it well with a fork. I suggest you to beat it in a blender, as you will get a soft foam. Apply it on your clean face and leave it for almost 15 minutes. When you feel that your skin is tightening up, this is the best time to remove your egg white face mask. Soak cloth in warm water and remove your mask with it.

Result of Egg white mask:I’m sure you will surprise to see the result of this mask: radiant and glowing skin. You will notice instant freshness on your face and this is all you need.

Egg Yolk face mask Recipes for all skin Types

If you don’t want to waste egg yolk then I’m here to share some egg yolk face masks recipes with you. It is a fact that every skin type has special properties, if you want to make a mask according to your skin type then check this out.

Face mask for Normal skin

Ingredients: Egg yolk + a few drops of milk + a grated carrot

Face mask for dry skin type

Ingredients: 1 /2 mashed avocado +egg yolk

Face mask for Oily skin type

Ingredients: Egg yolk + 1 teaspoon lemon+ 1 teaspoon honey



Face Mask for sensitive skin type

Ingredients: Egg yolk + honey +plain organic yogurt

I’m sure you would like to try egg white face mask at home. This mask doesn’t require much thing, it is simple to make and easy to apply. Best of all, you are able to get instant glowing skin with it



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