Which Bangs Are Right for You? (Based on Face Shape)

Thinking is time for a change of looks but don’t want to cut or dye your hair? well we have got something for you! Bangs :) Not only they look awesome but they are so much ‘in‘ trend this year! Bangs can help you ‘hide’ imperfections as well, such as large forehead or acne. Back in my teenage years I had some bad acne and let me tell you, bangs really did wonders to hide them!

Although I love bangs I know that they are not for everyone. I have seen to many bag bangs to say otherwise but maybe that is because to many of us are not aware of the bang matching with face shape. Bangs are like haircuts, once you find the right cut for you, you don’t have to look back! Below we have the best bangs styles so you can match them based on your face shape.




Source – makeup .com