Winter care tips for lips

Having healthy lips in winter, maybe a dream come true for many. Well, here is an article for you which will help you to maintain the moisture of the lips. You tend to have very dry and cracked lips every winter. However, this winter is going to be really different! Because you have some great health care tips to get rid of unhealthy lips! The skin on your lips is very thin and has no oil glands to prevent it from chapping. So it is completely your potential to keep them healthy.
Even the most expensive lipstick will not cure the dryness of your lips. Protecting your lips from dryness is not just important for appearance, but also for health. You may end up with bacterial infections, cold sores and other problems if they are chappy. They will also effect your smile and damage your self esteem.
1. Honey: One of the best and safest home remedies for chapped lips is honey. Apply a small amount of honey on your lips before going to bed and massage it a little. Apart from chapped lips honey is useful to cure dark lips caused by sunrays and excess smoking.

2. Green tea bags: Another safe option to cure chapped lips is by using green tea bags. Take a used green tea bag and press it against your lips for about 3-5 minutes, and leave it for a while. Try this for three – four times a week, as along with curing your chapped lips it will also increase the moisture of your lips.

3. Sugar scrub: Another safe option to exfoliate your lips to remove the dead skin is by scrubbing it with sugar. Add ½ teaspoon of sugar and two drops of olive oil to it; mix it well. Now take a small brush that has soft bristles. Gently scrub your lips with the mixture with the help of the brush, for about 3-5 minutes. Then wash it off with water. Wipe it off gently and apply a good lip balm.

4. Ghee: Ghee is equally as effective as honey. Apply a few drops of ghee on your lips before going to bed. In the morning wash it off gently and pat dry. This will clear off the dead cells and will give you soft supple lips.

5. Cucumber: Cucumber juice is another great home remedy for chapped dry lip. Take a cucumber, peel it and crush it well. Now apply the juice of the crushed cucumber on your lips and leave it on for a good 20 minutes. Wash it with lukewarm water and pat dry. You can see the difference starkly if you repeat this remedy daily.

6. Lemon Juice: The right amount of lemon juice will not keep your lips soft but gives it enough moisturizer leaving them smoother and softer for a longer time. Take a small bowl and mix one teaspoon of milk cream along with three drops of lemon juice and chill it by placing it in the refrigerator for an hour. Later, apply it on and around the lips before going to bed. Repeat this procedure daily for best results.

7. Rose water mixed with glycerin: Another potent mix for dry lips is rose water and glycerin. In a small bowl take a tablespoon of glycerin and add a little rose water. You may take equal quantities of both. Mix it well. Now apply it on your lips before going to bed. The next morning wash it off with normal water.