A study has found that the character of any human being may also depend on the shape of his nose. But based on what types of noses the personality of a person can change? And what are this characteristics? Let’ s see them together.


1. Small Nose.

This is the kind of nose typical of a person tends to be cheerful and sociable, although at the same time has a bad temper. Important also the sweetness and emotion. A defects? A predisposition to the controversy and the risk of close like a clam to best protect their privacy, although the latter is not necessarily a negative side of his character. But the problems have to be faced and not suffered.

2 Long Nose.

Its shape is also quite fine and is likely to fall to just above the upper lip. Who owns this nose is an individual who fully knows what he wants and is notable for its stubbornness. Love always do many things and make own world more lively, with a series of trips or new activities. At the same time, those who have a long nose may be an immature person and not very happy with what surrounds it, with the difficulty of establishing lasting relationships and little tolerance for those who have a different opinion.


3. Nose hump (or aquiline).

In this circumstance, we are dealing with individuals who have a very strong personality. You either love or hate, there are no middle way. Hides a high degree of passion and is typical of charismatic people. Yet, those who have an aquiline nose is likely to stop at appearances without grasping the meaning of things, in addition to fossilize too on their principles and be problems in meeting the people.

4. Nose Downward (or hooked).

The nose with the tip pointing down denotes a constant sense of dissatisfaction on the part of the owner. Its nature is basically pessimistic, with a common fear of the future and the obsession to be in conflict with those around him. A touch of lightness and relaxation in more would not hurt.




5. Greek Nose.

Who owns this nose means that the nose is indivisible with the front. Who has this nose have a personality rich in creativity, with a great desire to help others and to cultivate a long series of passions.

6. Pointed Nose.

In this circumstance, we are dealing with individuals from the complicated character. They are determined to assert always have their reasons, very often trespassing in a useless controversy.


7. Nose with a groove before the tip.

They are the most careful and thoughtful ever. They love to watch every detail and are characterized by a high objectivity. They can see the world exactly as it is.

8 Perfect Nose.

The individual is very vain and full of himself. Very often it can be a nose changed with the aid of plastic surgery.




Source- themolas .com